Solid Wenge Cajonico with Walnut Burl Top

The Cajonico is an innovative percussion instrument, which combines multiple advantages of the traditional Cajon and the Bongos into a new, compact musical instrument, representing a paradigm shift in the Percussion world.

 – The Cajonico brings the playing surface closer to the percussionist, thereby making it easy to play comfortably while keeping a straight back.

 – Each Cajonico is equipped with 2 snare mechanisms that can be lifted or lowered using a simple knob on both sides of the instrument. offering 4 playing positions of unique characteristics.

 – The Cajonico is divided via an internal separation, which separates the upper surface to a lower-pitched chamber which functions as a Bass Side, and a higher-pitched chamber which functions as a Snare side.

 – The Cajonico’s sound port is equipped with a custom resonance tube which amplifies the lower frequencies significantly and gives the instrument a deep, powerful sound signature.

 – The sound port is located at the front part of the instrument, and projects the sound towards the audience / the musicians you are playing with.

 – The Cajonico is equipped with a pair of adjustable, Integral Castanets, attached to the sides of the instrument. The Castanets are made of the same wood as the body of the Cajonico.​

 – Each Cajonico ships in a handmade case with a velvet lined interior and waterproof exterior, that matches the measurements of the instrument.

We gladly offer worldwide shipping and make sure that our instruments will arrive safely to our clients.

We make each Cajonico with deep love and precise craftsmanship and hope you will enjoy our instruments as much as we do.

1,149 $

Terms and Policies


  • Please keep in mind that the Cajonico is a handmade wooden musical instrument. The Cajonico which you’ll receive will have a similar look and sound quality to the instrument presented here, but will also have some differences, as each piece of wood which we use is unique and has its own special sound qualities and texture.
  • We do not cover any taxes/ VAT/ local fees that may apply in your country.
  • All Cajonicos will be shipped via EMS, in a strong cardboard box, inside their Custom Case. We insure all of our shipments and make sure that they will get to you safely.
  • All orders will be shipped within 3 business days. When your new Cajonico will be shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number.
  • Israeli buyers will need to add 17% VAT to the listed price, which will be added during the checkout process.


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