The Pantam stand is a revolutionary, lightweight, foldable playing stand, designed especially for handpans and tongue drums.

It allows playing the instrument while both standing up or sitting down, and has a custom, easy to use, height adjusting mechanism.

The Pantam Stand makes it easy to combine multiple pantams together.

The stands are very stable, simple to use, and super portable.

The Pantam Stands are fast to setup and makes it easy to switch between standing and sitting playing positions.

The height of the Pantam Stand varies between 57cm for playing while sitting down, all the way to 98cm for playing while standing up, and can be set on various heights for your comfortability between these two points. Each Pantam Stand weights  2.9 kg.

The Pantam Stand was developed by Thomas and Avigdor Ben Tov from Avi Ot Woodcrafts, the makers of the Cajonico.

Each Stand is made out of Anodized Aluminum and Stainless steel, using materials of the highest quality. The special contact pieces holds the instrument from sliding, while keeping it’s beautiful, resonant tone.

The Pantam Stands works great with bottom notes and all kinds of handpans.

They offer you a great freedom of movement by playing while standing up, and makes playing multiple Pantams feel truly natural.

Each Pantam stand ships with a custom case and an adjustable carrying strap.

The Pantam stand is a wonderful compact, all in one solution for busking, concerts and playing at home.



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